Don’t Look Too Far

I’m a sage with the scent of evergreen that will everlast,

in the fast lane of a runway, I’m considered a runaway of my past/

I’m pursuing happiness but the ghosts of sorrow keep holding me back –

I’m trying to cover up, but not even a blackface can shadow my bruised cast/

Every aspect I accept I will not perfect,

but i expect to excel assessing my obstacles ahead/

I’m waist deep in my problems, but if you ask me,

I’m graceful that God’s blessings outweigh my bad deeds/

This world is a trap, a circus, a trapeze,

the circle of life with its imperfections and selfish needs.

Indeed, you can keep the fame and fortune which I don’t need.

I wanna change thoughts and stream an aura of visionary youths which King dreamed/

We have the power to resonate melodic regiments from our souls to your temple

The temple where God’s attributes, makes your body tremble/

A ripple effect, we skipping stones just to get to death,

But let’s be climbing mountains of success before our very last breath/

The sanctuary of peace from a community within, unity begins,

Our salvation from sin starts when we receive mercy from Him/

Don’t look farther when your Father is in front of you,

don’t succumb to the outcome of your problems/

Your brothers are martyrs for they held a belief as Muslims

Now it’s your turn to carry their legacy as the walking truth/

We have been given freedom to profess our call to action,

Rest assured that our community is bound to the Kingdom/

But you are accountable for your own deeds; you are not tied to a saviour

You have the power to lead your life, pray you have an intercessor/

A Soul’s Calling

 July, 30th 2013

My soul yearns for a greater being, a greater purpose;

Friends come and go, they are worthless/

Who is this friend which I have never seen?

But as I tread upon this Earth, I dread of the Unseen/

He makes me realize the beauty of what revolves me,

This complex world which He systemized perfectly/

How can I question the existence of this All-Empowering Spirit?

Who makes me ponder our worthiness without His Magic/

He put the breath in me, He gave me life;

He took the breath away from me, I underestimated life/

I am the lowest of people, in the lowest of positions;

It is that friend I cry to who graces me with provisions/

Wretched society, vile commodities, innovations keeping me away;

But I submit, I agree, I am a fool for not learning from past sins/

I may not be forgiven by the people, but I weep in front of Who created even them;

These villains kept me from the truth, the right path/

So what is monetary to a businessman, I spite!

Living the life of remembering God throughout the night/

Just a normal being, no ascetic, but I pray more;

A soldier of Allah, spreading soul fruit, plant the claymore/

Eat less, sleep less, and talk less – the saying of mystic success;

I’m not a twirling dervish, but I want God in my circle/

He never causes sorrow, rather our own loss of attachment;

That is why weeping in prayer is to regain consciousness/

Holy Art Thou, Glory Be to Thee, I am free;

Not enslaved by the evils that haunted me/

Casted through the darkest of days, in the coldest of place;

But the sun rises again, exciting the particles of my body to behave/

A blessed opportunity, in such a short journey;

To pray for a better tomorrow, you and your family/

Dodging the devil’s tricks through a matrix,

Never back down fighting through enslavement/

Take a challenge head on with your face on the ground,

Prayer mat full of tears with your heartbeat that sounds/

Allah says, “Stay strong, hold on – you haven’t seen the bad side of town!”

Even after turbulent of storms sees rainbows hidden in the clouds/

The System

Pay attention! No pay – no education,

Another fraudulent scheme oblivious in our nation/

Different interests from all sorts of inspiration,

But the reality states no apathy for your destination/

Professors come in and go out; they play with your mind;

Turn their back on yours, so you can turn you back on mine/

You’re not called by your name, but defined by digits;

The same method Jews were oppressed by the wicked/

I’m not a machine, nor am I a code;

I’m not a statistic nor will I be sold/

I’m not represented by a graph,

So if I was ever marked, they’d have to extrapolate me instead/

For all its worth they want me dead,

They want my money, so deans can make their beds/

There’s a need of doctors, but universities are pricey,

They don’t want us to learn, but pass standardized testing/

Since you’re an adult, you must be treated lowly,

Testing the strength of a human, you must go through unnecessary activity/

Your pockets are emptying and your stomach is growling,

This system is taking care of you, you’re being impounded/

I wasn’t a test tube baby, but it’s what I feel like,

The system is experimenting with our minds/

We’re caught and tangled, finding a loophole;

But soon enough watch yourself strangle/

There is chaos and riots, the journalist students are silenced;

The media press coverage’s, they stoop so low – you can press charges/

Reporters catch the violence, not the underlying message,

Storytelling to make profits, not a lesson/

There’s nothing in demand, because there’s no jobs to give to an educated man;

A $25,000 degree is what we’re aiming, but we haven’t learned anything/

We sleeping through the day, just to get through the night;

We’re fighting to get through the system, but in the end we’re fighting until life/

They say you rest when you die,

A reason why tombstones are engraved ‘rest in peace’/

Because it’s hell on earth is what I see,

They squeeze every last bit of you, before your six feet deep/